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New Ranger Live Chat get Ready for the Season! [Aug. 13th, 2008|11:19 am]
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Hello I have neglected this blog for way to long. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about a Live Ranger Blog this Friday. The details are below.

This is a reminder that we are having our first ever official live blog on "The Nation" @ http://blogger.

August 15th, this Friday at 7pm EST you can ask questions and throw comments at Sr. Editor Jonathan Ragus and such writers as Patrick Hoffman, Scott Motin, Daniel Akeson, etc.

It should be a great event!

Head over to "The Nation" @ in order to enter your email address into the Live Blog Reminder box and you will get an email shortly before the chat.

Hope to see you all there!

Ranger Nation Staff
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TGIF [Apr. 25th, 2008|08:01 am]
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Thank God Its Friday! I couldn't wait another minute for this round to start!
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Rangers- pen round two [Apr. 24th, 2008|10:50 am]
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Sorry I have been busy for awhile but hopefully soon I will be back to posting regularly.
Here is my take on Rangers- Penguins in round two.
Seems like no one outside of NY (and even most here) aren't giving the Rangers any credit. The Rangers are on an impressive run having only lost three games in regulation inthe past 30 (including playoffs). The Rangers are a team that fight hard. They have been very strong in the third period. Henrik is better than Fleury (I don't care how good he has been down the stretch). We have no offensive defenceman like Gonchar but our defensive corps are just as sound defensivly as Pittsburg. As for offense they have Crsoby and Malkin a great one two punch complimented by Sykora and Hossa, the snipers. We have exprience on our side. Shanahan knows what to say to the team and has strong leadership. Jagr has been skating like its ten years ago and even if he doesn't put up the points like he used to (8 in 5 games ain't bad though) he dominates the puck and wears out the other team while opening up ice for his own teammates. Gomez toyed with the devils and is one of the best playmakers in the league. Drury is captain clutch scoring game winning goals and winning face-offs. Dubinsky and Calahan have made themselves known with hard hits and aggrssive play. So given that I think it should be a pretty even series and I think the Rangers will win because when you have two even teams experience usually plays a big role.
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Gomez [Mar. 27th, 2008|12:17 pm]
At the optional skate this morning Gomez handled some contact so he will take warmups and be a game time decision for tonight. Renney has two lineups one with Gomez and one without, we will all have to wait and see which one he goes with.
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Part 1 Brodeur v. Henrik Part 2 the defense [Mar. 27th, 2008|12:07 pm]
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Well the drama heats up. Larry Brooks has brought it to attention that Brodeur was running his mouth in a very Avery like fashion, calling Lundqvist "weird" and mentioned he didn't "like" Hanks's style.

Well if Broduer is referring to Hanks's 11-2-3 career record against the senior netminder well then that is weird. And if it is the style that has powered Hank to 6-0-0 agaisnt the Devils this year I can see why Brodeur wouldn't like it. But really the childish bickering about Hank not shaking his hand at the award ceremony, what grade is Brodeur in? As a goalie I would say he is Grade A, its the truth, but as a human being... Hank replied to Brooks's comments well and hopefully will let his game play provide the real answer tonight. As it always seems the Rangers are facing one of their toughest opponents at a time when they can least afford to lose. If you look at the previous couple of posts you will see that the Rangers have faired remarkably well and turned their season on some big wins verse the Devils. But the question is how long can this go on? For the Islanders it was the seventh game that did it. So will it be seventh heaven for the Rangers tonight?

Last post I looked at some aging forwards on the team whose futures are undecided. Now I want to look at the defensive corps. This time the problem is strictly free agency as the Rangers have a very young defense. The four up for free agency right now are Mara, Malik, Strudwick and Rozsival.
DefenseCollapse )
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new lines [Mar. 24th, 2008|12:40 pm]
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According to Sam Weinman's blog,, with Gomez still feeling discomfort Renney will put Prucha back in. At practice Gomez only ended up riding a stationary bike, not actually participating in any skating drills.

the shuffle is

Straka Dubinsky Jagr
Dawes Avery Shanahan
Prucha Drury Callahan
Sjostrem Hollweg Orr

While it is good to have Prucha in the lineup again I am very certain he is a right wing naturally and it wil not be a fair chance until he can return to his position. When Dawes, Dubinsky and Prucha were flying together it was with Prucha on the right side.
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What could have been... and what could be... [Mar. 24th, 2008|11:19 am]
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What could have been... the game at MontrealCollapse )

What could be... some aging forwardsCollapse )
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The Young Forwards on The Rangers [Mar. 23rd, 2008|04:11 pm]
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The Young Forwards:
Young and Talented ForwardsCollapse )
Happy Easter Everybody!
Let's Go Rangers
Coming Soon: Defenseman in the system
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Good news Ranger fans! [Mar. 22nd, 2008|01:57 pm]
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Well according to Sam Weinman, beat reporter on the Rangers, Scotty Gomez does not have any broken ribs. He is day to day which means he may play Tuesday.

Personally I think he should sit that game. I would either move Martin Straka to center the line and have Prucha fill in his wing or slide Prucha into the second line center position. He has played center before and done well on faceoffs. Plus that doesn't split up the hardworking line of Callahan Drury Straka. I was looking over my pictures from the Pittsburgh game and most of the most exciting chances were when those three were on the ice.

More good news is that Christian Backman's three assist night might be a sign that he is growing more comfortable here in New York.

And also, let's just take a moment to ackowledge the grit and heart the Rangers showed last night in fighting back, down a man and two goals they earned their point.

Tomorrow: Young forwards on the Current Roster
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Tonights Game! [Mar. 21st, 2008|06:47 pm]
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Young Forwards blog will be posted on Sunday!

Tonight we have two things to look for . . . if Valiquette can keep the Flyers from scoring for the first 13 minutes of the game he will hold the record for longest time shuting out the Flyers. The current record is held by non-other than Mr. Martin Brodeur.

And the Rangers are looking to win 40 games for the third straight year. If they do this will be the first time since they had four straight (70-74).

In honor of Steve Valiquette and his ice baths before games and his mental visualization technique that has so far kept him sharp in between starts and Jagr's eating cookies and milk the night before games feel free to list some of your hockey superstitions.

And once again I would like to thank everyone reading my blog! I hope I can keep you interested and provide a good blog for Ranger and hockey fans!

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